Zero Point Red Laser Pointer

Vibranz Zero Point Red Laser PointerThe Zero Point Red Laser Pointer has 60 Blueprint frequencies that match various frequencies in the human body. Taking the vibrational frequencies from minerals that match frequencies found in the body, this information can be delivered using light.

Light is the most efficient carriers of energy ever harnessed. It’s why fiber optic wire was chosen for the world’s most critical communications platforms, sending pulses of information-laden light around the world in milliseconds.

Many Chiropractors are using this exact laser for treatments instead of physical adjustments for back alignment on their patients. The cold laser has 42 Muscle Parasympathetic System frequencies and when applied to the back muscles, the light carrying these frequencies restores balance in the muscles. When the back muscles are in balance they become relaxed which helps align the spine of the back. There’s no trauma on the vertabrae with this type of treatment and the back stays in alignment much longer.

Easy To Use And Has Many Different Applications

The ZeroPoint Global Red Laser is primarily used for the muscular systems and skin organs of the body. It can be used for so many different things and you don’t need any special kind of certification or knowledge to use it. You simply point it at your body and the light will put the information frequencies in the body that bring your muscles into balance.

Use it on cuts and bruises to accelerate the healing process. When you get a cut or wound cellular communication in that area is disrupted, but when you apply the laser directly on the injured area you are instantly delivering information that restores cellular communication. This speeds up the healing process dramatically and in many cases there will be no visible scar left.

The Zero Point Global Red Laser Pointer can also be applied to your foods or beverages. Most of the foods and beverages contain toxic information that are not recognized by the body because of the chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives. By using the laser on your food or beverage for 30 seconds you are embedding frequencies that match the body and you will not get the communication break down that you typically get when coming in contact with toxic information. It doesn’t remove the toxins, but it delivers frequencies in the food or drinks that is needed by the body for proper cellular communication.

As you can see the Zero Point Red Laser is a very useful and needed tool everyone should have. Please read below for many other uses and benefits you get from using the laser.

Benefits Of The Zero Point Red Laser

Pain Reduction
Users report significant pain reduction when light is applied directly to area of pain. Pain reduction may be immediate or after repeated use. These are just a few uses. ZeroPoint Global Users have reported literally thousands of other uses.

Headaches: Point/move light across the neck at the base of the skull and from the top of the neck up the middle of the head to the crown and down
Muscle Pain: Point/move light across and around affected area
Wounds: Point/move light on and around the wound
Itching: Point/move light at and around affected area
Menstrual Cramps: Point/move light around the inside of the ankles
Skin Disorders: Point/move light directly onto the area of concern
Tooth Pain: Point at tooth and move over gum area or point through cheek at affected area
Body Alignment: The red light has been reported to immediately affect skeletal alignment in one use.
Hip Alignment: Point/move light just above the hip bones in a back and forth motion 2-5 times. A change in alignment is usually immediate.
Consumable Substances (Food, Water, etc.)
Apply light to any food/beverage for 15-30 seconds to infuse blueprint frequencies
Changes the polarity so as to be more absorbable
Enhances Hydration at the Cellular Level
May increase Absorption of Vitamins and Nutrients
Helps with Detoxifying the Body
Improves Inter-Cellular Communications
Enables the Body to Heal Itself
Programmed with frequencies to assist in homeostasis

Blueprint Frequencies Added

Using a Quantum Field Programming Generator, the Zero Point Red Laser has 60 Blueprint Frequencies infused that match the human body.

42 – Muscle Parasympathetic System
5 – Brain
4 – Endocrine
3 – Spinal
2 – Evacuation
1 – Circulatory
1 – Skeletal
1 – Female Reproductive
1 – Lymphatic

Other Uses For The Zero Point Red Laser Pointer

ACUPUNCTURE MERIDIAN OPENING: Shine the Zero Point Global Red Laser at tips of each finger and toe with the red light for several seconds. In addition, place the light on the lower knuckle of each finger to open these meridians to specific organs (Refer to Voll point chart)
ADD/ADHD: Run the ZeroPoint Global Red Pointer around the ear lobes (auricular points), shine at middle of tongue, shine across the line at base of skull and up along the mid-line of the head. This can also be useful for autism and other learning and brain dysfunctions.
ADDICTIONS: Shine the NaturaLaser Pointer on the edges of the ear, concentrating on the edge of the ear, just below the top back curve of the ear. Use several times a day while detoxifying.
ASTHMA/BRONCHITIS: Use the NaturaLaser Pointer on the lungs by pointing it directly on the chest as close to the skin as possible for a few minutes or until relief occurs.
BLOOD CLEANSING/ENERGIZING: Shine NaturaLaser Pointer 1” below navel for approx. 2 min.
BRUISES: Shine the NaturaLaser Pointer directly onto the bruise.
EAR INFECTIONS: Shine NaturaLaser Pointer around earlobes, on mastoid bone behind ear and on Eustachian tube down into the ear. Also shine into ear canal to work on bacteria or fungus.
EAR CONING/EAR CANDLING: While coning or candling, run the NaturaLaser Pointer along all ear points and Eustachian tube and back of the ear. Seems to allow ear to release more wax and yeast.
GUMS: FOR RECEDING OR BLEEDING GUMS: Shine the NaturaLaser Pointer on area of concern for a couple of minutes a day.
HYPOTHALAMUS/PITUITARY STIMULATION: Shine the NaturaLaser Pointer onto the middle of the bottom of the large toes.
ITCHY SKIN/EARS: Shine the NaturaLaser Pointer onto or into the affected area for approximately 20 seconds or until relief.
JET LAG: When arriving, use the NaturaLaser Pointer on the back of the knees.
LIBIDO BALANCING: Concentrate the NaturaLaser Pointer on the upper area of the ear particularly the top back curve of the ear. Also, use the NaturaLaser Pointer on the inside of the ankles.
NAUSEA/SEASICKNESS: Use the NaturaLaser Pointer on the auricular points as well as the finger tips and the web between the thumb and forefinger on both hands.
SEDATION POINT: Shine the NaturaLaser Pointer on the area between the nose and top of lip.
SINUS ISSUES/INFECTION: (Avoid eye contact) Use the NaturaLaser Pointer on third eye area in the middle of the forehead and beneath the nose in the dips of skin at the bottom side of the nostrils.
SMELLS: For unpleasant smells, shine the Naturalaser Pointer directly onto the area for as long as you desire.
STOMACH PAIN: Use NaturaLaser Pointer on the area where pain exists.
THYROID IMBALANCE: FOR HYPOTHYROID/HYPERTHYROID ISSUES: NaturaLaser Pointer can be pointed directly at the hollow of the throat.
TOXIC MATERIALS EXPOSURE: If you’ve already been exposed use the NaturaLaser Pointer on the following areas: side of nostrils, auricular points, base of head, across the middle to the top of the head to reset your body.

What Users Are Saying About The Red Natural Laser Pointer

NaturaLaser and Blood Microscopy
“A few weeks ago we tested people’s blood with live blood microscopy, a method where a drop of blood is placed directly under a dark field microscope. The test gives immediate insights on the quality of the blood and the overall health of the person.

The results below show my husbands blood before and 5 minutes after having one sip of water lasered for only 10 seconds with the ZeroPoint NaturaLaser. The blood cleared up completely from sticky, oval-shaped, doughnut looking red blood cells with lots of debris in the serum to nice round red blood cells in a clean serum. We have worked with high quality food supplements for many years, but have never seen such a dramatic change in such short time.

Before: Live blood microscopy of a 51 year old male with no major health issues. No supplements were taken for 24 hours before the test. Results show some sticky blood cells, some doughnut-shaped cells (yeast from sugar), some misshapen cells, and some debris in the serum next to white blood cells.

After: Live blood microscopy of the same 51 year old male 5 minutes after drinking one sip of a glass of water which was lasered for 10 seconds with a ZeroPoint NaturaLaser. Results show perfect quality red blood cells and perfectly clean blood serum. AMAZING !!! “

– Faye B./Institute of Feng Shui, ME

Red Naturalaser and Mole
“I would like to testify to something I have had on my face for years. I have had a “mole” on the left-side of my chin for about 30 years. and it was always in the way whenever I shaved. Several times I have cut it open with my razor. Well, I decide to use the laser on it twice a day for five days straight; I was astounded when at the end of the five days the mole that was about 5mm had shrunk down to half its size! And to this day, I am still using the laser on it and it is slowly shrinking.” – Dr. John M., FL

How To Align The Hips With The Red Laser Pointer

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Results may vary from person to person based on the imbalance. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat disease, support human life, or to prevent impairment of human health; for frequency, self-education and research purposes only. Please seek professional help with health issues.