Zero Point Global Products

Zero Point Global Products help improve your overall health by offering solutions to pain relief, EMF protection, cell phone radiation protection, greater immune system, increased energy, bringing the body into PH balance, restoring cellular communication in the body, improving focus and balance, and many many more applications.

ZeroPoint Global Energy Pendants

Zero Point Energy Pendants

Zero Point Energy Pendants give you 24-hour protection from environmental toxic frequencies and delivers wellness information to the body that help keep you in balance and full of energy. There are 4 precious stones to choose from that can…[Read More]

ZeroPoint Global Sodalite Window Pendant

Sodalite Window Pendant

Sodalite Window Pendant gives you 24-hour protection from environmental toxic frequencies, increases well being, improves self-expression, intuition and communication. The Window Pendant’s 82 blueprint frequencies help bring…[Read More]

ZeroPoint Global Sirius Balance Pendant

Sirius Balance Pendant

The Sirius Balance Pendant helps restore cellular communication within the body, accelerates healing, restores immune function, balances the digestive system, greatly improves energy levels, and improves…[Read More]

ZeroPoint Global Red Health Laser

Zero Point Red Laser

The Zero Point Red Laser Pointer is primarily used for the muscular system and skin. The Red Laser delivers 60 protective field and balancing frequencies to the body. Light is the greatest carrier of frequencies known…[Read More]

ZeroPoint Global Green Health Laser

Zero Point Green Laser

The Zero Point Green Laser Pointer is used to balance internal systems and organs. Using 98 blueprint frequencies, the Green Laser enhances completing healing and helps boost the immune system so the body can heal itself…[Read More]

ZeroPoint Global Sirius Infinity Pointer

The Sirius Infinity Pointer contains semi-precious stones in its Titanium barrel that are infused with proprietary frequencies. These frequencies bring the body into balance and energetic homeostasis…[Read More]

Citrus Silk Oil Vera

Citrus Silk Oil Vera is made from nature’s best oils, which makes a powerful all in one skin care and wellness Oil. This 100% organic product helps restore cellular communication and its 245 frequencies restore balance…[Read More]

Mint Matrix Oil Vera

Mint Matrix Oil Vera is a blend of nature’s best oils and extracts from plants and trees that are infused with blueprint frequencies that match frequencies found in the human body. With Over 1140 Frequencies for restoring balance…[Read More]

Love Oil Vera

Love Oil Vera is a wonderful blend of organic essentials oils for skin care, biofield balance and emotional support. Each ingredient is carefully chosen from all over the world where it has the highest energetic qualities…[Read More]

ZeroPoint Global AUM Clay

ZeroPoint AUM Clay

Zero Point AUM Clay is a 100% organic Kaolin Clay powder energized with blueprint frequencies that can be used on skin conditions, face and body mask, hair and scalp care, bath soak, bio-field protection, energetic balance…[Read More]

ZeroPoint Global Sirius Silver Solution

Zero Point Sirius Silver

Zero Point Sirius Silver is distilled water with silver (Ag) in suspension at .0025 ppm. to .025 ppm. The actual silver content is in the form of ultra nano-particles. The remaining silver is introduced in vibrational form…[Read More]

ZeroPoint Global Sirius Earth Hearts

Zero Point Earth Hearts

The Zero Point Sirius Earth Hearts are the most advanced technological EMF protection product on the market. With the rise of cell phone usage, the Sirius Earth Hearts protect cell phone users by transforming EMF waves into…[Read More]

ZeroPoint Global Personal Environment Transformer PET

PET: Personal Environment Transformer

The Personal Environment Transformer is a 3-sided black obsidian pyramid that transforms toxic wave patterns from electronic pollution into a wave pattern non harmful to the human body. Place in any room of the home, bedroom…[Read More]

ZeroPoint Global Intention Disc

Zero Point Intention Disc

The Zero Point Intention Disc clears toxic wave forms from the body caused by stress and emotional trauma. It’s also used to clear toxic wave forms from water and foods. The Intention Disc can be programmed to help you…[Read More]

ZeroPoint Global Clear Set Package

Clear Set Package

The Intention Disc and Sodalite Window Pendant work together to help release emotional trauma from your cellular memory. Stress and trauma affects our overall health by causing an imbalance to our body and mind…[Read More]

ZeroPoint Global Frequency Discs

Zero Point Frequency Disc

The Zero Point Frequency Discs have a wide range of uses. From relieving pains, aches, troubled nights of sleeping, improving the nutritional value in foods, neutralizing the effects of toxic chemicals and pesticides from food…[Read More]

Vibrational Music Peter Sterling

Vibrational Music for Healing

Peter Sterling’s Vibrational Music mixes high vibrational sonics and heartfelt melodious compositions into a unique and healing musical experience. Harmonically re-align with higher vibrational frequencies and bring yourself into a higher…[Read More]

ZeroPoint Global Discount Retail Packages

Discount Retail Packages

Anyone can purchase these products Below Wholesale and enjoy huge savings by purchasing a Discounted Retail Package. Retail is always an option…but why pay Retail?? Find the best package for you and your family and enjoy a life of health and happiness…[Read More]