Zero Point Frequency Disc

The Zero Point Frequency Discs are marble discs infused with 77 blueprint frequencies that enhance the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables and also relieves aches, pains, and headaches when applied directly to the body.

Made from genuine marble, the 8″ Frequency Plate and the 3.5″ Frequency Coaster are infused with blueprint frequencies that bring the body into balance and energetic homeostasis.

The zero point frequency disc accelerates the ripening process of fruits and vegetables and slows down the decay at the same time. It neutralizes, smooths, and enhances the flavor of drinks like cofee, water, and wine. When placed against the body it delivers frequencies of information allowing the body to heal itself from aches and pains.

Daily Uses of Frequency Disc

Frequency Disc Improves The Nutritional Value Of Foods

The Zero Point Frequency Disc has 2 specific plant frequencies embedded into the stone that gives fruits and vegetables life force, like they were still on the tree. When a fruit or vegetable is picked before it’s ripe and you ripen it on your counter, or at the grocery store, it doesn’t taste the same as fruit taken right off the tree or plant.

When you put fruits or vegetables on the zero point frequency disc, it’s being protected from the space around it that causes the rapid development of decay. Things like electromagnetic fields (EMF), extremely low frequencies (ELF), and toxic information from everything in the room.

The plant frequencies used for the zero point frequency disc come from plants that transmute toxic wave forms into a non toxic form. When placed on a frequency disc, the fruits and vegetables receive life force information from the infused plant frequencies…the exact same kind of information it receives when it’s on the tree. This increases the ripening process, but slows down the decay process, making fruits and vegetables last a lot longer and taste like they were ripened on the tree.

Doctors who specialize in life energy of raw and whole foods have seen a major increase in the available nutritional information in foods that are placed on the plate. There are numerous raw food chefs who place their fruits and vegetables on a zero point frequency disc before preparing their meals.

Your fruits and vegetables will taste like you just picked it off the tree or plant..the way it’s suppose to taste!

When placing drinks such as coffee, wine, and water on the disc it changes the taste and flavor by bringing it to a neutral state.

You can finally enjoy the true flavor of beverages because it’s cleaner and more vital. The frequency disc removes all the toxic information.

Frequency Disc Removes Aches and Pains

The Zero Point Frequency Disc utilizes informational frequencies taken from minerals of the earth, and only minerals that vibrate at the same frequency the organs of our body vibrate at are infused into the disc. By matching these frequencies, the human body will radiate with the frequencies from the disc, receiving the correct information into the body and bring things into balance so the body can heal itself.

Of the 77 blueprint frequencies used in the disc, 42 of these frequencies affect the Muscle Parasympathetic System. What this means is you can actually use the frequency disc on your back and it will bring the muscles back into balance, which straightens and relieves soreness.

Like all of our Zero Point products, the frequency disc puts off information, blue print frequencies, that match the body. You can slide the disc over the skin, and if you are out of balance somewhere the disc will actually stick to the body and remain there until your problem area is brought back into harmonic balance. Once the information is delivered and your body is in balance, vibrating at the same frequency, the disc will release from the body. Usually, whatever aches or pains you have will be relieved because the body is brought back into balance.

On occasion the disc will actually heat up and you will feel the temperature of the disc increase. This is called Inductive Capacity, or a movement of energy. When this happens, it’s simply the transfer of energy and information from the disc into the body, which causes the disc to heat up and stick to the areas you are out of balance.

Many people use the disc while driving in a car, especially on long trips. You can place it behind the back and it will relax, bring the muscles back into balance and will straighten the vertebrae into alignment.

You can place the frequency disc under your mattress to improve your sleep and remove soreness in your joints and muscles. You can place the disc in your tub. Take a hot bath and place the disc in the water to relax and remove stress.

Both the 8″ and 3.5″ frequency discs have the same blueprint frequencies and serve the same function. Use the 8 inch Frequency Disc for large items such as food, groceries, plants, household cleaners, toiletries, etc., and the 3.5 inch Frequency Disc for individual drinks, bottles, vitamins, small toiletries and other small items.

Either size may be used on areas of the body for pain or imbalance.

Frequency Disc Benefits

Life-Sustaining Protection
The science of zero-point technology is a rapidly growing field of study. Of the many benefits discovered recently are the energetic balancing and protective frequencies that ZeroPoint Global infuses into their products. These frequencies provide a number of life-enhancing benefits.
• Neutralizes the effects of environmental toxins and chemicals
• Reduces the effects of pesticides, insecticides, etc.
• Reduces or eliminates body pain when placed at point of discomfort
• Energizes and neutralizes bath or cooking water
• Protects from harmful electromagnetic frequencies when placed near body during computer use or when near other electronics
• Aids in quality of sleep when placed under pillow or mattress

Directions for Use:

  • Place food or beverages on Frequency Disc for 6 minutes to achieve maximum efficacy.
  • The disc may also be placed in the refrigerator to keep foods fresher for a longer time.
  • Place groceries on disc as they are put away after shopping.
  • Sit house plants on discs to optimize growth.
  • Apply disc directly to areas of body pain, muscular discomfort, or internal pain.
  • Place harsh chemicals, or household cleaners on disc before use to lower toxicity.
  • Place under mattress or pillow to improve quality of sleep

Blueprint Frequencies

Zero Point uses a ‘Quantum Field Programming Generator’ to infuse specific blueprint frequencies into the Zero Point Frequency Disc. Listed below are the total number of frequencies that have been infused and the corresponding systems and organs they affect.

Total of 77 Frequencies in the Zero Point Frequency Disc

42 – Muscle Parasympathetic System
11 – Brain
6 – Circulatory
3 – Evacuation
3 – Spinal
2 – Adrenals
2 – Lymphatic
2 – Plant
1 – Dental
1 – Skeletal
1 – Endocrine
1 – Connective Tissue
1 – Female Reproductive
1 – Respiratory

What Zero Point Frequency Disc Users Are Saying

Frequency Disc for Hip and Back Pain
” Prior to being introduced to Zeropoint, I had developed severe hip/low back pain to the point it was keeping me awake at night. I placed a ZPG 8″ Frequency Disc under my bed and the very first night I experienced complete relief and the first good night sleep in months. I also discovered that I not only awoke with no pain, but a greater sense of flexibility. I was not stiff like I normally am and was easily able to sit on the edge of the bed and bend forward to pick up something on the floor.” – Krista M., PA

Frequency Disc and Wrist Pain
“I started using the small disc under my wrist when I used the mouse for my computer. It took about one day and the pain continued to diminish until it eventually went away completely! Typing as much as I do, this discovery is a true blessing. Now I use the small disc in that matter as a preventative measure.” – Doreen Z., FL

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3.5″ Frequency Disc

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Results may vary from person to person based on the imbalance. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat disease, support human life, or to prevent impairment of human health; for frequency, self-education and research purposes only. Please seek professional help with health issues.