Zero Point Energy Pendant

ZeroPoint Global Energy PendantsZero Point Energy Pendants are made from beautiful semi-precious stones which are infused with 66 Human Blueprint Frequencies that protects your energy field and helps nurture your body towards a baseline of health and wellness.

When wearing a zero point pendant your body will resonate with the mineral and plant frequencies that are infused into each pendant. These are natural minerals taken from the earth that have a frequency pattern that matches perfectly with the frequency patterns of healthy organs and systems in the human body.

How Zero Point Energy Pendants Protect You

The zero point energy pendant is the foundation of the entire product line. It keeps your energy field around you balanced and protected.

The world we live in today is constantly changing due to the advancement in wireless technology and all the technical gadgets we all use on a daily basis. Even though our cell phones, tablets, laptaps, computers, and wireless internet make life so much simpler, this technology is also compromsing our health due to the constant bombardment of electromagnetic and radio frequencies that penetrate our energy field.

The Zero Point Energy Pendant protects your energy field from all these toxic frequencies by transforming these frequency patterns into a frequency that is non toxic to the human body. What this means is that you can go about your daily activities without your energy field being disrupted. The pendants give you 24 hour protection no matter where you are.

Wellness Begins In Your Energy Field

Every human being has their own specific energy field, which is a very complex substance of energy patterns radiating from the body. This was understood by Einstein when he said that all things that affect the human body, good or bad, occurs in the energy field around us.

These energy patterns that make up your energy field play an important role with what is taking place inside the body. Communication between the cells, organs and systems in the body are directly affected by what is happening within this energy field.

Wearing a zero point pendant will keep your energy field balanced. When your energy field is balanced, cellular communication within the body is restored. The human body is designed to heal itself, but it spends so much energy fighting against so many environmental toxic frequencies it doesn’t have any strength left to fight off sickness and disease.

Keeping your energy field balanced with the zero point energy pendant will allow your body to function at its peak performance. You will be protecting yourself from harmful EMF’s, your focus will improve, you’ll have more energy, and your health will improve.

Health Benefits

• Protection From Harmful EMF’s
• Protection From Pollution
• Increases Energy
• Balances the Body
• Reduces Stress
• Eases Pain
• Increases Focus
• Speeds Healing
• Eliminates Headaches
• Brings Restful Sleep

Blueprint Frequencies

ZeroPoint Global uses a ‘Quantum Field Programming Generator’ to infuse specific Blueprint frequencies into each pendant. These are frequenices taken from natural minerals that match frequencies of healthy organs and systems in the human body. Listed below are the additional Frequencies that have been infused into each zero point energy pendant along with their corresponding systems and organs they help bring into balance.

• Adrenals
• Evacuation
• Brain
• Lymph
• Circulatory
• Muscle Parasympathetic
• Connective Tissue
• Plant
• Dental
• Respiratory
• Endocrine
• Spinal Cord

Suggested Uses

ADD/ADHD: Wear during school and work for increased focus, clarity, calmness and grounding.
Allergies: Wear daily to relieve allergies. (See NaturaLaser and Frequency Disc for more help with allergies)
Bronchitis: Wear the pendant to relieve respiratory conditions. For added benefit, take deep breaths while holding the pendant beneath the nose.
Back Pain: Wear pendant following massage, chiropractic or other back pain treatment. Users reported lengthened period of relief and balance following treatment.
Eye Strain: Wear the pendant while reading or using the computer. You may also hold the pendant over each eye to relieve strain.
Exercise: Wear the pendant during workouts and strenuous activity. Also increases flexibility. For added benefit, take deep breaths while holding the pendant beneath the nose.
Headache: Place pendant on forehead or area of pain for a minimum of two minutes. Users have reported that headaches have been relieved or eliminated.
Insomnia: Wear pendant when going to bed for a restful night’s sleep with lucid dreams.
Jet Lag: Wear on the flight to reduce EMF exposure during flight.
Motion Sickness: Wear during travel. Users have reported feeling less nauseous while wearing the pendant.
Thyroid Imbalance: Wear pendant close to the base of the throat. May also wear during sleep.
Tooth Pain: Hold pendant to area of pain for a few minutes until pain subsides.
Vision: Hold the pendant over the eyelids for a few minutes for improved vision.

Spinal Scan Results While Wearing A Pendant

“I had a table presenting and demoing the ZeroPoint technology at a holistic expo in Rockaway, NJ. At the table next to mine was a chiropractor who was doing spinal scans to illustrate how out of balance people are.

He saw me doing several balance tests (aka: Toy Soldier Test) and thought that it was the most ridiculous thing that he had ever seen. I explained ZeroPoint’s quantum frequency power and effects, and all he could do was laugh. He proposed that he perform “before” and “after” scans of my spine so that he could prove to me that the ZeroPoint pendants had NO effect on the body whatsoever. I gladly accepted.

Removing my pendant, I sat in his guest chair and let him roll his thermal reader down my spine. After he had finished, he showed me the scan on his computer screen pointing out the red bars indicating severe stress. I then put my pendant on and he immediately began the “after” scan. Not knowing what his computer would show, my mantra was ‘Oh, please work. Oh, please work.’ When the scan was revealed, his words were ‘Holy ____! It works!’ He printed out both scans and said: ‘Well, now you have scientific proof!’.” – Ted P., NJ

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Hematite Energy Pendant

ZeroPoint Global Hematite PendantHematite has the highest content of iron of all the semi precious stones. Its name comes from the Greek word meaning blood. With the high content of iron it is a great stone for those who have blood issues as anemia, leg cramps and poor circulation. Hematite helps in the absorption of iron in the small intestine, which improves oxygen supply to the body. Hematite is also referred to as the “Stone of the Mind”. It helps in memory enhancement, original thinking and keeping the mind in order. A very calming stone for the mind, body and spirit.

Benefits – Leg cramps, blood disorders, nervous disorders, insomnia, aids in healing of broken bones, helps to dispel heat in the body often used to bring down fevers, helps in tissue regeneration, condenses scattered feelings, turns fuzziness into mental clarity, enhances concentration, memory, practicality, helps those who study, do bookkeeping, detailed work and helps with sound sleep.

Hematite Pendant

Necklace and Cord Lock Included

Retail Price: $149.00

Opalite Energy Pendant

ZeroPoint Global Opalite PendantOpalite is known as an all around healing stone. From sleep disorders to bi-polar the opalite has a wide range of healing properties. Opalite is also used to enhance emotional strength during periods of stress, such as transitional periods or other very busy, high-pressure stages of life. Opalite can also be used to alleviate minor depression.

Benefits- Stabilize the immune system and improve overall kidney function, ease mood swings and for ridding blood of toxins, improves sexual health, assists with the transition through menopause, pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and the process of childbirth, sleep disorders and ability to enhance memory.

Opalite Pendant

Necklace and Cord Lock Included

Retail Price: $149.00

Green Aventurine Energy Pendant

ZeroPoint Global Green Aventurine PendantGreen Aventurine is another all around healing stone. Aventurine is a positive stone that is a good choice for anyone who wants to increase their health and well-being. This is a great stone for those who suffer from anxiety, stress and emotional discomfort. Aventurine is a great overall balancing stone.

Benefits – Very good for lower back, drawing out inflammation in wounds and joints, protects and helps heal the lungs, heart, adrenal glands, muscular tissue, nervous system, helpful in reducing cholesterol and the prevention of arteriosclerosis, eyesight, and skin issues(especially from allergies).

Green Aventurine Pendant

Necklace and Cord Lock Included

Retail Price: $149.00

Tigers Eye Energy Pendant

Tiger Eye is known as the Stone of Self Discipline for its ability to help one ground themselves. The benefits you receive from a tiger eye stone is in its name. You take on the qualities of a tiger, like focus, patience and determined to reach goals. Adults suffering from ADD and other emotional disorders find that it helps them to become more grounded and not easily distracted. Also a tiger is known for its great night vision and the stone also is known for its use to help night vision and eye disorders.

Benefits – Night vision, eye disorders, reproductive system, relieves high blood pressure, colon, digestion, and stomach disorders such as di-verticular disease, anxiety, and ulcer. Helps with the healing of broken bones, wounds, bruises and alleviates pain.

Tigers Eye Pendant

Necklace and Cord Lock Included

Retail Price: $149.00

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Results may vary from person to person based on the imbalance. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat disease, support human life, or to prevent impairment of human health; for frequency, self-education and research purposes only. Please seek professional help with health issues.