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ZeroPoint Global Sirius Earth Hearts

The Zero Point Sirius Earth Hearts use a new technology that transmutes the toxic wave form that comes from radio frequency radiation and electromagnetic fields, and turns it into a non toxic and healthy wave form before it enters the body.

We are all becoming aware of the dangers of electromagnetic and extremely low frequencies coming from the electronic devices we use on a daily basis. In this age of technology we are all carrying cell phones with us, we sit in front of TV’s and many people work in front of a computer all day long.

Obviously, people aren’t going to give up their cell phones and quit using them because they’ve become a necessity of life in our fast paced world. The same goes for computers and all the other devices we use every day. With the evidence now showing the health risks associated with cell phone usage and electronics, it is vital that you protect yourself and your family from this exposure.

About the Earth Hearts-Part 1
About the Earth Hearts-Part 2

Technology Behind The Zero Point Earth Hearts

The Sirius Zero Point Earth Hearts are made from 10 specific plants that have the greatest ability of transmuting toxic wave forms. These are specially chosen plants that grow under power lines, that grow around transformers…the plants that thrive around these toxic environments.

When certain plants come in contact with radiation, emf’s and elf’s, they actually change the wave or the toxic frequency to a pattern that is not harmful to them. Humans do not have the ability to do this. Research has shown that people and animals that live under high power lines have a cancer rate that is 80% higher than the rest of the population.

This type of radiation disrupts cellular communication in the body of humans and animals, but in certain plants this isn’t the case. Plants can change these toxic wave forms into a non toxic form so they are not affected by it.

So ZeroPoint Global’s scientists used the 10 most efficient plant frequencies along with actual plant material, added minerals having 30 blueprint frequencies that match the body exactly, and developed the sirius earth hearts.

The 10 plant frequencies are used to transmute the toxic waves coming off the electronic devices. Then by overlaying those waves with 30 mineral frequencies that match the body, the toxic waves are turned into healthy waves before they enter your body.

This is a complete shift in our understanding of emf and radiation protection. While other companies try to block or disrupt the waves, ZeroPoint Global has looked to nature for the answers. Using the plant frequencies and adding mineral frequencies, they’ve been able to change the wave pattern or frequency of these emf’s and actually use the emf’s to make the body healthy.

Protecting Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation

The most common device we all use today is a cell phone. What most people don’t realize is the amount of radiation being transmitted into the body during cell phone usage.

The National Council of Radiation Protection says that 2 milligauss is the maximum amount of radiation the human body can safely tolerate. 2 milliguass is the radiation level coming from a cell phone when it’s turned on, but when you are using the cell phone during a call, the milligauss level is increased up to 50 times the milliguass level vs. just having it turned on. And if your signal strength is weak during a phone call, the milligauss level is increased up to 100 times the milligauss level because the phone is working harder to find a signal.

Think about that…you have almost 100 times the milligauss level of what is considered safe sitting right next to your head. And the cell phone industry claims that using cell phones are safe? They’re not safe at all, but they can be if you use a sirius zero point earth heart in your phone.

By understanding how nature deals with electromagnetic frequencies, ZeroPoint global has duplicated the same process that plants use and developed the sirius earth hearts. During a phone call, cell phone radiation is traveling through your body faster than the speed of light causing all sorts of cellular communication problems in the body. By using a sirius earth heart, those toxic waves are transmuted into a non toxic wave form. By adding the blueprint frequencies from nature’s minerals with the plant frequencies, you are able to send healthy wave forms into the body when you are using your phone.

How To Test Your Cell Phone Protection Device

If are currently using a device on your cell phone that is suppose to be protecting you from emf and elf waves, I highly recommend you perform a simple Kinesiology test to see for yourself if you are truly being protected. Only half of these devices work with your phone turned on, but you’ll probably be shocked when you test the device when your body is under the most stress…during a phone call.

The only true way to see if it’s working is to perform this Kinesiology test. This is a very simple muscle test and easy to perform.

When the body is under stress caused by emf or radio frequency waves, your body becomes weak. This happens because the human body doesn’t recognize the vibrations caused by these waves. When these toxic waves enter the body, the cells are trying to identify this foreign invader. Knowing that these waves are harmful, the cells close down to protect themselves. With long term exposure of this magnitude, cellular communication in the body slows down and your immune system weakens causing all sorts of problems.

How To Perform The Muscle Test

When using a sirius earth heart in your phone, you will pass the Muscle Test with ease because those toxic waves are changed into a wave form the body recognizes. Your muscles remain strong because these waves are no longer toxic. You’re also benefiting from the blueprint frequencies that are overlaid on top of the plant frequencies, supplying the body with information that promotes health and wellness.

Just one sirius earth heart is needed for a typical cell phone. You can place the sirius earth heart on the inside of the battery cover as shown in the photo. For Iphone/Blackberry devices, up to 3 hearts will be needed.

Is Your Microwave Safe?

Over 90% of American households use a microwave oven to prepare their meals. If millions and millions of people are using microwaves, then there shouldn’t be any concern about their safety, right?

To know if microwave ovens are safe, all you need to look at are the regulations and standards the industry that makes these ovens must follow. They must only prove that the dangerous waves from microwave ovens can be contained within the oven and not escape into the surrounding area where this radiation could cause harm.

The National Council of Radiation Protection states that any level of EMF above 2 milligauss is harmful to the body. At a distance of 3 feet away from the microwave while it is in use shows the milligauss level is at 25. The milligauss reading at 4 inches away from a microwave during operation measures about 250 milligauss. These are the measurements outside the microwave, so you can imagine what’s taking place inside the oven.

A microwave works by speeding up the vibrations of the water molecules in the food. This rapid vibration of the molecules cause s the food to heat up extremely fast, but in the process also deforms and tears the molecules apart. This totally destroys the nutritional value of the food.

The technology of Zero Point Energy proves that all things vibrate at certain frequencies. All foods have different informational frequencies, and we eat the food for the information it provides for our body. But when you microwave food, it changes the frequencies or wave patterns of the food in a way that the human body can no longer recognize it.

When it’s not recognized by the body, it stores it until it can figure out what to do with it. There is no nutritional value in food that’s been microwaved because it’s been blasted with toxic wave forms that have destroyed the cellular structure of the food.

Yes…microwaves are convenient. We are a fast paced society, on the run all the time and microwaves make it so easy to just throw something in there and heat it up. But we are sacrificing our health for the sake of speed and convenience.

How To Turn Your Microwave Into A Healthy Cooking Device

By placing a Zero Point Sirius Earth Heart under the spinning plate in your microwave you will be transmuting the toxic waves in the microwave into a non toxic form. You will be turning your microwave into the healthiest cooking device in your kitchen.

You can increase the nutritional value of foods and use those same microwave frequencies that used to be toxic, and change the food into something your body can actually recognize and benefit from. The 10 plant frequencies in the sirius earth heart transmutes the toxic frequencies to a non toxic frequency, while the 30 mineral frequencies on the sirius earth heart provides the food with frequencies that match the human body.

Then, by placing a sirius earth heart on the outside of the microwave, you can protect the room from the emf’s being transmitted by the microwave. It will still be emitting the 250 milligauss of emf’s, but it will no longer be in the form of a toxic wave pattern…it will be turned into a healthy wave pattern.

Protection For The Entire House

Almost every electrical appliance in the house exceeds the 2 milligaus safety standards set forth by the National Council of Radiation Protection. Some of the most hazardous devices are things we use on a daily basis that most people wouldn’t think of causing problems.

We know how harmful cell phones, cordless phones and microwaves are, but did you know that a counter top hand mixer emits well over 200 milligauss when in use? Some of the most common hair dryers blasts out up to 300 milligauss.

Many people work in front a computer all day, or have kids who are using a computer or laptop. These are constantly emitting dangerous electromagnetic frequencies and your face is sitting right in front of it. The power strip that all our computer devices are plugged into transmit over 300 milliguass, and most people have the power strip right be their feet.

You can easily check this out for yourself by getting a Gauss Meter. A TriField Meter is not all that expensive and you can use it to check all your appliances, electrical devices and outlets. Not only does it check electromagnetic frequencies, but you can check radio/microwave frequency levels also.

All of these electromagnetic frequencies and radio waves bombarding us in the home will cause headaches, feeling light headed and dizzy, low energy levels, trouble sleeping and many other ailments that we don’t realize are being caused by these devices in our house.

This is why it’s so important to protect yourself and your family from these harmful frequencies by placing a sirius earth heart on all your devices in the home. You can even protect the entire electrical supply in the home by placing 4 earth heart strips on your main power supply, breaker box. (1 earth heart strip per 500 sq ft of living space). All of that electricity coming into the house has electromagnetic radiation that puts off an electomagnetic field. The sirius earth hearts or strips change the toxic wave forms into a non toxic form as the current flows through your house. Use the sirius earth heart strips on your breaker box to protect you from all the electrical lines going through your house, and then use the sirius earth hearts to protect from all the problem devices you use in the home.

EMf’s, ELF and Radio Frequencies are everywhere…you can’t hide from it and it’s only going to get worse, because wireless technology is expanding every day. You protect yourself from these frequencies when away from home by wearing a Zero Point Sirius Energy Pendant. The pendants also have plant frequencies in them that transmute all those toxic wave forms into a non toxic form before entering your body. Use the sirius earth hearts in your home and turn your living space into a toxic free health spa. Instead of harming you, the earth hearts turn all those harmful frequency waves into a wave form that is healthy to the body.

What Zero Point Earth Heart Users Are Saying

Earth Hearts and EMF Radiation Sickness
“I have Earth Hearts on our cell phones, computers and a few other electrical things in my house. I have always been sensitive to the electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) put out by electronics and sometimes have felt nauseated because of the harmful energy these devices emit. With the earth hearts I felt an immediate lessening of my EMF induced symptoms. When I’m on my computer the energy I feel from the computer is now much more gentle. I don’t use my cell phone enough to really notice a difference, but I do feel reassured when I place my phone in my pocket that I am being protected from the waves being emitted. I even put an Earth Heart on my ipod and feel much more relaxed about using it, as it clips onto your clothing and sits next to my body as it plays. The small size of the Earth Hearts makes placing it on tiny devices easy and discreet. I can’t wait to get more hearts and put them on the other electronics I use on a regular basis.” – Dakotah D., KS

Earth Hearts and Cell Phone Radiation
“Over the last 10 years or so, I noticed that on the bone behind my ears as well as other areas of my skull felt like they were bruised when I touched them, and I was getting terrible headaches periodically. The pain to the touch had gotten to the point that it was always there. It didn’t occur to me that it was from my cell phone, but I did purchase a cell phone protection device. A year later, the pain was still there with the same intensity. Last year, I put the ZeroPoint Earth Heart on my phone, and I noticed that the pain was completely gone, my headaches were gone, and several months later, they still have not returned!” – Lisa L., FL

Earth Hearts and EMF Sensitivity
“I have severe chemical and emf sensitivities and become ill when I use my laser printer. I now have earth hearts on the printer and put one large disk on top of the printer and one under the printer and I am able to tolerate it and not become ill!” – Barb S., MN

Sirius Earth Hearts Application Chart

Device / Source of EMF Sirius Earth Heart(s) Needed Sirius Earth Strip(s) Needed
Cell Phones 1 or more or maybe even a Strip depending on model
Microwave 1 on control panel front & 1 under the turntable
Hair Dryer 1-2
Cordless Telephone 1-2
Computer Modem 1-2
Coffee Maker 1-3
Hand Mixer 2-3
Computer Terminal 2-3
Electric Shaver 2-3
Computer Monitor 2-4
Radio / MP3 Player 2-4
Laser Printer / Copier 3-5
Ceiling Fan 3-5
Television 2-5 1
Countertop Mixer / Juicer 3-5 1
IPhone / Blackberry 1-3 1
Vitamix 3-4 1
Refrigerator 2
Whole House Electric Box / Smart Meter (see graphic below) 4

As new and stronger technology products are added to our environment (tablets, notebooks, “Kindles”, “Nooks”, etc.), additional Sirius Earth Hearts and/or Strips may be needed to transmute the negative EMF frequencies into beneficial ones for our body. As few as four Sirius Earth Strips can be applied to the electrical box to protect an entire house and may possibly lower your electric bill.

Protect Yourself And Your Family
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