Zero Point AUM Clay

Energized AUM ClayZeroPoint Global Energized AUM Clay is a 100% pure, natural Kaolin Clay infused with Blueprint Frequencies. Energized AUM Clay is 100% Pure Ingestible Energized Kaolin Clay Powder.

No Fragrance or artificial colors added. Safe and effective for use as Skin Treatment for irritations and breakouts, Facial or Body Mask, Hair and Scalp Care, Foot Bath, Body Talc, Bath Soak, Poultice, Oral Care, Pet Care, Bio-Field Protection and Energetic Balance.

Aum Clay Description:
• 100% Pure Ingestible Grade Energized Kaolin Clay Powder
• No Fragrance Added
• No artificial dyes or colors

Aum Clay Benefits

• Promotes release of chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, parasites, and other damaging substances.
• Assists in balancing the body’s natural pH levels.
• Shields the body’s natural bio-field from environmental pollution and emotional stressors.
• Provides and supports balance of the body’s energy centers known as Chakras.
• Promotes cellular communication between all internal systems and organs.
• Encourages balance of all internal systems (organs, endocrine, musculoskeletal, lymphatic).
• Soothing and Calming skin treatment that provides relief from many skin irritations.
• Promotes deep sense of overall well being, focus and clarity.
• Promotes balanced overall energy throughout the day.
• Promotes healthy elimination.
• Promotes healthy oral care.

Aum Clay Suggest Uses

Mix in 1 part AUM Clay with 2 parts liquid (recommend ZeroPoint Global Sirius Silver and Citrus Silk) to form mask or paste. Apply topically to area of choice and leave on until dry or as long as you wish. Remove with warm water. For enhanced benefits, while AUM Clay is drying use ZeroPoint Global pointer or natural laser(s) on treated area. Safe and effective for daily use.

Safe and Effective for use as –
• Skin treatment for irritations, breakouts
• Facial or Body Mask (20 minutes)
• Hair Care
• Scalp Treatment
• Foot bath
• Body Talc
• Bath Soak
• Poultice

Safe when ingested or used orally – (1 to 3 tsp. daily)
• May be consumed with food
• May be consumed with water or other beverages of choice
• May be combined with Mint Matrix Wellness solution for teeth and gum care

• Use as talc to condition skin
• Use as wash to condition fur
• Sprinkle on food or in water to promote general balance and well being

• Use in soil to protect plants from absorbing harmful toxic chemicals and radiation

AUM Clay Tested With Gas Discharge Visualization Camera

The Gas Discharge Visualization Camera (GDV) is used to diagnose the energetic wellness of a person’s bio-field. The gas discharge visualization camera helps to evaluate the physical and emotional state of a person, but it also helps to analyze the condition of each organ, including endocrine (hormonal), digestive, cardiovascular, nervous systems, with a possibility to see and quantify the imbalances that may be influencing an individual’s well-being.

AUM Clay Test Results

Below is the test results of a 62 year old female who was tested before and after using the AUM Clay. The after pics were taken 10 minutes after she drank 1 teaspoon of AUM Clay mixed in a glass of water.
The before pictures show how weak her bio-field was and how her Chakras or Energy Centers were small and not centered. After taking 1 teaspoon of AUM Clay with a glass of water her bio-field was clearly stronger, while her energy centers were much bigger and center-aligned.

ZeroPoint Global Energized AUM Clay helps bring the body into energetic balance and provides bio-field protection.

How Frequencies Benefit The Human Body

It has been discovered that cells in the body vibrate at various frequencies depending on their state of health. ZeroPoint Global has identified specific frequencies that match the optimum state of health for each of the body’s organs and cellular systems. Each frequency carries targeted information “blueprinted” to positively impact a specific system or organ..

ZeroPoint Global AUM Clay is imprinted with Blueprint Frequencies. When AUM Clay is used in daily self-care regimens the benefits of these frequencies provide a state of balance and overall well-being.

Aum Clay Product Testimonials

Overall Well-being and Balance:
After a hard 9 hour day at work and seeing clients back to back I was exhausted and stressed. Upon arriving home I filled my bathtub with hot water and placed two heaping teaspoons of ZeroPoint Global Energized AUM Clay in my bath. After soaking for 30 minutes I felt a sense of balance, well-being and my skin felt terrific! Brenda G. – VA

I feel more energy, calm and focus since using the ZeroPoint Global Energized AUM Clay. This change has become my new “normal” which I love. If I forget to include the AUM Clay in my daily self care regime I notice a marked difference in my overall balance. Wenda C. – PA

The most immediate and noteworthy result I have experienced since incorporating ZeroPoint Global Energized AUM Clay into my daily selfcare routine is the heightened level of focus, mental clarity, and overall sense of wellbeing I now have. The increase in energy has produced more stamina. Clive – TX

I am enjoying the ZeroPoint Global Energized AUM Clay. It has an energizing and cleansing effect and is becoming a part of my daily selfcare routine. Dr. Brad G. – GA

I have been dealing with specific discomfort that was making it challenging for me to walk. I have been mixing 1 teaspoon of the ZeroPoint Global Energized AUM Clay to anything I am drinking. (i.e.-hot teat, smoothies, water, etc.). I have noticed a decrease in the discomfort. Paula C. – GA

Facial Masks and Skin Treatments:
I made a paste of the ZeroPoint Global Energized AUM Clay by mixing it with Sirius Silver and Citrus Silk. After applying to my face and allowing it to sit for 5 minutes, I removed the mask and my skin was soft and smooth. My fine lines and wrinkles appeared less noticeable and my skin felt more toned. I also combined ZeroPoint Global Energized AUM Clay with the Citrus Silk and used it as a natural deodorant. It was great to feel soft and dry all day. Dr. Gail L. – GA

Zero Point Global Energized AUM Clay makes a great facial mask. It leaves my skin soft and smooth and give my skin a more toned, soft and younger appearance. Dirt and other skin issues and pulled to the surface and literally “wiped away”. Lorianne E. – ME

Cleansing and General Wellness:
I have notice gentle and regular elimination daily since incorporating ZeroPoint Global Energizied AUM Clay into the water I drink daily. Lorianne E. – ME

Oral Health:
I have been using the ZeroPoint Global Energized AUM Clay along with Mint Matrix and Sirius Silver on my teeth and gums. I have experienced a noticeable difference and decreased discomfort I had been experiencing. Brenda G. – VA

Pet Health:
I’ve been placing the ZeroPoint Global Energized AUM Clay in the food and water my 8 year old Labrador Retriever consumes. This has assisted in the relieving of the incontinence he had been experiencing.

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ZeroPoint Global AUM Clay

Zero Point AUM Clay 4 oz.

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2 x 4 Smart Saver Package

2 x 4 Smart Saver Pkg – Includes:

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• 1 Mint Matrix Oil Vera 1 oz. bottle
• 1 Sirius Silver 2 oz. bottle
• 1 Aum Clay 4 oz. jar

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4 x 4 Smart Saver Package

4 x 4 Smart Saver Pkg – Includes:

• 1 Citrus Silk Oil Vera 4 oz. bottle
• 1 Mint Matrix Oil Vera 4 oz. bottle
• 1 Sirius Silver 4 oz. bottle
• 1 Aum Clay 4 oz. jar

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Results may vary from person to person based on the imbalance. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat disease, support human life, or to prevent impairment of human health; for frequency, self-education and research purposes only. Please seek professional help with health issues.