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Peter Sterling Healing MusicPeter Sterling’s Vibrational Music and his distinctive harp sound has lifted the hearts and souls of thousands of people around the world. His beautiful harp sounds create a unique vibrational sound experience, which promotes health, wellness and spiritual awakening.

Peter Sterling’s music has been studied at Arizona State University for its influence on brain wave states. It was found that the listener entrains to “Theta” within moments of listening to Peter Sterling’s heavenly harp music. Theta is known as the “Twilight”, or Visionary State of awareness, which enhances creativity and whole brain integration for heightened states of Clarity, Focus , Spiritual Visions and even Miraculous Healings!

GDV Vibrational Music Camera Results

GDV Vibrational Music Camera Results

GDV Scan of Human Biofield Before & After Listening to Peter Sterling’s Vibrational Music

Using the most advanced human energy field diagnostic tool, ZeroPoint Global has been able to see dramatic results of its Personal Quantum Technology products, which includes Vibrational Music. In a fusion of ancient mysticism and modern science, the GDV Camera is able to “see” the human bio-energetic (etheric) field confirming for the first time the existence of this subtle level of vibrational existence!

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Patterns of Reflection

Patterns of ReflectionThis music from Peter Sterling’s Patterns of Reflection CD is born out of his own very personal journey’s into the realms of radiant light and celestial sound.

The harp has a unique ability to reflect in sound the harmonic structure of the cosmos like no other instrument.

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Tulip Time

Child of Light

For Love and Honor

Little One

Modern Times

Tantra of Love


Retail Price: $13.95

Total Length: 57:40 minutes
Songs on CD: 16

Harp Dreams

Harp DreamsAn impassioned work of musical brilliance, inspired melodies, and earthy rhythms, Harp Dreams is a treasure for lovers of Jazz, Classical, or Contemporary styles.

Harp Dreams is a precious jewel among harp albums. Perfect for relaxation, inner reflection, and especially romance.

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Midnight Sun

Asleep in the Fairyring




In Monets Garden

La Rose de Amor

Lady of the Lake

Retail Price: $13.95

Total Length: 53:00 minutes
Songs on CD: 8


SilhouetteThe Silhouette CD is Heavenly acoustic harp sounds for body, mind and spirit that create a sense of peace and serenity. The perfect music for Massage, yoga and anything to do with Love.

Peter Sterling’s pure harmonic tones of the harp speak directly to your heart and soul.

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Waterfall of Love

Blessed Be

Dance of Life

Enchantment In Your Eyes

Farewell My Love

First Step

Impressions of Monet

In The Quiet Of The Night

The Alhambra

The Emerald Isle

This New Day

Retail Price: $13.95

Total Length: 49:35 minutes
Songs on CD: 11

Circles of Light

Circles of LightThe Circles of Light CD was recorded live on location in the crop circles of Wiltshire England. This harmonic sound recording is powerful and recommended for meditation, healing work and spiritual activation.

The sounds produced from the wind harp are created by the wind blowing through the strings, creating free flowing cascades of high frequency harmonics that penetrate to the cellular level clearing the physical and energy bodies of lower frequency crystallized imprints and blockages.

Enhanced with the sonics of the diamond crystal bowl within the geometry of the crop circles, the Circles of Light recording is a unique sound experience that activates codes within the DNA.

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Circles Of Light

Retail Price: $13.95

Total Length: 33:33 minutes
Songs on CD: 1

Center Of The Circle

Center of the CircleCenter of the Circle is a special Vibrational Healing Music CD made exclusively for ZeroPoint Global. Extremely high vibrational music which opens the heart and uplifts the spirit.

Deep and rich penetrating electronic sounds blended with acoustic instruments.

Play Sample Clips Below


Center of the Circle

Kaun Yins Garden

Crystal Cathedral

Distant Dreams

Shamballa Prayer

The Crossing

Hear Our Prayers

Retail Price: $30.00

Total Length: 60:51 minutes
Songs on CD: 8

Vibrational Music 5 Pack CD Set

Vibrational Music 5 Pack CD Set

Vibrational Music 5 Pack CD Set – Includes:

  • Patterns of Reflection
  • Harp Dreams
  • Silhouette
  • Circles of Light
  • Center of the Circle

Retail Price: $79.95

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