The Truth About EMF And Cell Phone Radiation

The Incredible Cover Up
The Truth About EMF And Cell Phone
Radiation – Your Health Is At Risk

There is a silent killer among us today that travels undetected through the airwaves. You can’t see it, you can’t feel it, but it’s affects are cumulative and slow acting. It surrounds each and every one of us on a daily basis.

It’s a killer that has no limitations or boundaries, a killer given a free pass to roam and do whatever it pleases, to whomever it will. It grows bigger and stronger every hour and every minute of the day.

What is this silent killer?…

Cell Phone and EMF Radiation

There has been an alarming rate of brain cancers being reported over the last couple of years and recent studies show this to be directly linked to radiation from cell phone usage. To make matters worse, recent studies show that within the next 5 years the reported brain cancer victims will more than triple from the numbers shown today!

How Did This Happen? How can a problem of this magnitude exist without there being an outcry from the general public for an explanation? Do diseases, sickness and brain cancers have to become as common as getting a cold or flu before we realize there is a killer among us that needs to be stopped?

You see, as a society we condition our minds to accept what we’re told from the researchers, scientists and our own government when it applies to the safety standards and regulations placed on the technology devices that we all use every day. But friends, there is an incredible cover up taking place and it affects every single one of us.

What Is The Cell Phone Industry Trying To Hide?

There was a 5 year study involving 13 countries called “The Interphone” Study. This study is what the cell phone industry uses as their “so called” proof that there is no supported evidence linking cell phone radiation and brain tumors. There are numerous reasons why the public should be concerned with the validity of this report.

The study was started in 1999 and concluded in 2004, yet it took almost 5 years for parts of this report to be released. The main purpose of this report was to answer the question…do cell phones cause brain tumors. This report showed very little evidence between cell phone usage and brain tumors, but scientists who are conducting their own independent research show there is significant evidence between brain tumors and cell phone usage. Why The Discrepancy?

Here Is The Problem With “The Interphone” Study Report

This report was conducted at a time when cell phone usage was in it’s early stages. They considered someone who used a cell phone for about 2 hours a month as a “heavy user”. Two hours a month? 10 years ago that might have been the case, but it’s not uncommon for people to spend over 2 hours a day on a cell phone now.

This study considered people who were cordless phone users as “unexposed to microwave radiation”, when the truth is they were very much exposed. It has been proven without a doubt that radiation from cordless phones are very similar to the radiation expelled from cell phones.

The results were only provided for brain cancers (glioma) and meningioma, but failed to test for parotid gland tumors. There has been a sharp increase in the reported cases of parotid gland tumors over the last 10 years.

The parotid gland is a type of salivary gland, and ironically, this gland is located closest to the ear where a person holds their cell phone. The 2 other glands (sub-mandibular and sub-lingual), which are further away from the phone, showed no increase in cancer cases over this same period.

Experts Are Demanding An Explanation Of This Flawed Report

Cell Phone Radiation Is Even More Damaging To Children

At the time “The Interphone Study” was being conducted there were not near as many cell phone users as we have today. That study didn’t include the health risk to children because kids didn’t use cell phones back then. Have you noticed how many young children have cell phones now?

There was a time if a child had a cell phone it was to be used only in the case of an emergency. Kids spend hours on a cell phone every day now talking to their friends.

Children should never be allowed to use cell phones or any other type of wireless devices except for emergency purposes only. The skull bones are much thinner in a child and are still in the development stage, making them much more vulnerable to cell phone radiation.

The Truth Behind “The Interphone Study” Research Is Revealed

It’s quite obvious that this study is completely outdated and the results are proving to be down right ludicrous! Now, if you need any more evidence to support just how much the public is being left in the dark about this problem…would you like to take a guess who funded the majority of this study? Anyone?

One of the main contributors to this study is…you guessed it…The Cell Phone Industry! The telecommunication industry has become even LARGER than the pharmaceutical industry and is a powerhouse in Washington now.

It’s not surprising that the cell phone industry is currently doing everything in their power to cover up the truth about the results from the latest cell phone research and the undeniable evidence that shows how serious cell phone radiation truly is.

The cell phone industry is a Multi Trillion dollar business. It spends billions of dollars every year on advertising, government taxes and rights to the airwaves. Electronic communication is progressing forward with little or no restrictions in place and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon.

And in the meantime, our government, who’s duty it is to protect and provide safety for their citizens, is turning a blind eye and completely ignoring all the danger signs. There are an estimated 5 billion cell phone users now compared to the 1 billion users at the time this study was conducted.

The government is taking the same stance with cell phone radiation as they had with the tobacco companies. Simply ignoring the risks until lung cancer became so obvious that then, and only then, did they finally acknowledge there was a serious problem.

Just like lung cancer from cigarettes, tumors and cancer from cell phone radiation doesn’t show up in a couple of years. It takes anywhere from 10 to 30 years to develop and we are just now beginning to see the first initial wave of cell phone related cancers. Independent researchers who have not been funded by the cell phone industry, or have a financial interest in the results, honestly believe that we are on the verge of having a brain cancer epidemic.

Cell phone radiation is a reality and something every single person needs to be aware of!

How To Protect Yourself and Your Family

We know the safety standards that apply to cell phones are not up to date, so it’s important that you take the proper steps to protect yourself and your family. Here are a few guidelines to follow for protection from cell phone radiation…

  • Keep Children away from cell phones except for emergency situations only.
  • Turn your cell phone off when you’re not using it.
  • Use your land line phone at home and work whenever possible.
  • Replace your cordless phone at home with a true land line phone.
  • When using your cellphone, try and use the speaker phone option when you can. This keeps the phone away from your head.
  • Never use your phone if signal strength in low. The lower the signal strength the more power it uses to transmit a signal.

There are many products on the market that claim to block emf and radiation from cell phones. One of the best solutions for complete cell phone protection is to place a Zero Point Earth Heart on your phone, which will transform the radiation and negative energy source into a safe and positive frequency before it enters into your body.

Please read our Earth Hearts page for more information on how you can turn your cell phone into a tool of health and safety.

Why You Need EMF Protection For Overall Health and Wellness

The very technology we find so useful is actually assaulting us.

With the environment we live in today, our bodies are under constant stress brought on by conditions that are man made. Most of these man made conditions can not be detected by our human senses.
Our Body’s natural Bio-field is under attack from Electromagnetic Waves that come from products we use on a daily basis. Cell phone, televisions, computers, microwaves, satellites and basically anything that plugs into the wall.

Zero Point Health Store carries the full line of ZeroPoint Global Products that transform toxic Electromagnetic Frequencies into non-toxic wave patterns before they enter the body, protecting your natural bio-field and allowing the body to heal itself the way nature intended.

The biggest threat to the human bio-field comes from Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) and Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF’s). These frequencies are transmitted over wave forms and easily penetrate the human body. When these waves travel into the body, our natural bio-field becomes imbalanced. When the human body becomes imbalanced it affects the health of our immune system.

The results are…

  • Weaker immune system
  • Greater stress
  • Higher tension
  • Discontent and mood swings
  • Even many degenerative diseases

Chaos in your energy field

When the body becomes overwhelmed its natural immunity begins to break down. It is now compromised, leaving us wide open to adverse effects such as fatigue, stress, bacteria, viral infection, or even worse, degenerative conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and so on.

What Is The Solution?

ZeroPoint Global Products utilize the science of ZeroPoint Technology to develop protective, life enhancing solutions that place the body’s naturally occurring Bio-field back into balance, while defending against the unseen elements around us.

When your body is in proper balance, all aspects of your overall health will improve. You will notice improved sleep, focus, energy, a sense of calmness and enhanced immunity, while surrounding the body with a protective buffer from disruptive energies emitted by modern day technology.

All ZeroPoint Global products sold here at Zero Point Health Store use the latest Zero Point research to develop health and wellness solutions that empower the body to heal itself by bringing each of its parts back into natural balance.

Recommended Products for Cell Phone Protection

Sirius Earth Hearts

The Sirius Earth Hearts use a new technology that takes the harmful frequency or vibrational waves that are transmitted into the body from cell phones and converts it into a wave pattern non-toxic to the human body. If you are someone who uses your cell phone frequently, having an earth heart on your phone is a must. This new technology not only makes it safe to use your cell phone, it also improves your health while using your phone.

Please visit the Sirius Earth Hearts page for more information about this amazing technology.

Zero Point Pendants

All of our Zero Point Pendants give you protection from the space we live in. The pendants are infused with blueprint frequencies that align with frequencies found in the human body. These blueprint frequencies help restore harmonic balance within the body and puts a protective barrier of protection around you, which keeps you protected while you go about your normal activities.

Our environment is full of emf’s and radio frequencies that travel through the air waves coming from cell phone towers, power lines, antennas and all the various electronics we all use or are around every day like computers, microwaves, printers, televisions, radios and even the electrical lines that run throughout your home.

All our Zero Point Pendants, including the Sodalite Window Pendant and the Sirius Balance Pendant all offer the protection you need against EMF’s and Radio Frequencies, plus numerous other benefits.

Personal Environment Transformer (PET)

Personal Environment Transformer
The Personal Environment Transformer (PET) is a 2-inch, 3-sided black obsidian pyramid infused with ZeroPoint technology that balances your biofield. The Personal Environment Transformer should be placed in the field of electronic pollution including WiFi, computers, satellite signals, power lines, or any room in the home where harmful EMF/ELF waveforms are present.

Protecting yourself from the space around you enables the body to function the way it was designed to.

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