Sirius Balance Pendant

ZeroPoint Global Sirius Balance PendantThe Sirius Balance Pendant is made from the semi-precious Dumortierite gemstone and has 248 Embedded Blueprint Frequencies to provide balanced energy for the human body.

The Sirius Balance Pendant is the latest Zero Point Global Pendant and is the most advanced pendant to date. With 248 frequencies embedded, this will take the concept of balance and energy to a whole new level. Using Sirius Technology, the Sirius Balance Pendant will adapt to your current environment and delivers balanced frequencies to your body as needed.

Using their State of the Art ‘‘Quantum Field Programming Generator’ and vibrational knowledge of the human system, ZeroPoint Global has accomplished what no other pendant in the world has duplicated…Sirius Technology.

By knowing the frequencies that specific organs and systems of the human body vibrate at, minerals found from nature are used that vibrate at the exact frequencies of the organs in our body. These mineral frequencies are then embedded into the Dumortierite stone and the end result is a pendant that provides incredible balance and energetic benefits to your body.

Reported Benefits

The Blueprint Frequencies infused by ZeroPoint Global provide balanced energy for the human body. The Sirius Balance Pendant has been reported to enhance cognitive function and sense of purpose. It is particularly useful for enhanced intuition, direct perception and inner communication. The Sirius Balance Pendant clears static in the body caused by environmental pollution and emotional trauma. Some may experience mild emotional detox as the static is cleared from the body. This is necessary for improved emotional balance and conscious creation.

• Static clears from the human body and biofield
• Restores cellular communication & bio photonic entrainment
• Body Mind Complex adapts to environment
• Emotional balancing
• Digestion balances to release toxins naturally
• Accelerated healing
• Immune response function adapts to environment
• Lingering imbalances improve
• Improves libido, balances male and female energies
• Energetic balancing for multi-dimensional beings
• Adapts additional frequencies specifically for the individual
• Brings sense of peace and well being
• Clears emotional trauma stored in the body
• Protects from EMF ELF radiation
• Enhances Conscious Creation

How Frequencies Benefit The Human Body

It has been discovered that the cells in the body vibrate at various frequencies depending on their state of health. ZeroPoint Global has identified specific frequencies that match the optimum state of health for each of the body’s organs and systems. These are called Blueprint Frequencies.

When a person wears the ZeroPoint Sirius Balance Pendant, their body begins to ‘resonate with the frequencies’ that are in the Pendant through a process called Biophotonic Entrainment. This is similar to a tuning fork that will pick up the frequency (sound) of another tuning fork in its vicinity. When they are close to one another, they will both begin to ‘resonate at the same frequency’.

When the organs and systems of the body are attuned with the frequencies that are in the ZeroPoint Sirius Balance Pendant, the body returns to a balanced state. The body is able to protect and heal itself when it is in balance.

Blueprint Frequencies Added

Using a Quantum Field Programming Generator, the Sirius Balance Pendant has 248 Blueprint Frequencies infused that match the human body.

45 – Muscle Parasympathetic System
28 – Brain
18 – Circulatory
15 – Connective Tissue
9 – Adrenals
4 – Plant
8 – Dental
14 – Endocrine
26 – Evacuation
15 – Lymph
7 – Respiratory
33 – Spinal Cord
12 – Ingestion
8 – Visual
6 – Herbals

Sirius Pendant Suggested Uses

  • Release Emotional Trauma (Sirius Balance Pendant can be used to release emotional trauma stored in the body) – Simply hold the Pendant in either hand, and ask for the emotional trauma to be cleared.
  • Amplify Intention (Use Sirius Balance Pendant to make intentions) – Hold the pendant and clearly state the intention.
  • Balance Injured Area – Place Sirius Balance Pendant directly on or over the injured area.
  • Restore Communication to Cells at Area of Lingering Imbalance – Place Sirius Balance Pendant directly against the skin at an area of imbalance to clear static and restore cellular communication.
  • Restore Immune Function – Wear Sirius Balance Pendant every day to support immune function in our challenging environment.
  • Strengthen Heart Center – Wear Sirius Balance Pendant at sternum (mid-chest) level for improved heart center energy.
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Sirius Balance Pendant

Sirius Balance Pendant

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Results may vary from person to person based on the imbalance. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat disease, support human life, or to prevent impairment of human health; for frequency, self-education and research purposes only. Please seek professional help with health issues.