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Safely Release Subconscious Emotional Trauma From Your Cellular Memory

Release Emotional Trauma
The Intention Disc and Sodalite Window Pendant work together to release emotional trauma from cellular memory. Stress and other outside influences can cause an imbalance to our body and mind. When under stress or experiencing a traumatic event, internal systems that support our overall health and well-being are being affected.

The cells of our body hold memory in cellular fluid. When we experience an emotional or traumatic event, if not fully processed at the time of the occurrence, the memory of that event is stored in our cells. Subconsciously, we may not even be aware of the trauma since the human body will block much of this as a survival mechanism.

Emotional Trauma Affects Your HealthMany of the traumatic events that happened to us as a child, real or perceived, remain as disruptive waveforms or memory in our cells. Emotional trauma held in the body causes stress and disrupts healthy body function.

Clear-Set-Package-Safely-Removes-Emotional-Trauma.pngThe Intention Disc and Sodalite Window Pendent work together to help us safely release stress, clear stored traumatic memories and allow for greater balance and healing. The Intention Disc clears trauma stored in cellular memory while the Sodalite Window Pendant is supporting the process by bringing the body into energetic balance. The higher vibrational frequencies of the Sodalite Window Pendant help to access the memories and clear them gently and easily.

Clearing Subconscious Emotional Trauma

Emotional Clear Set Benefits:

The Blueprint Frequencies in the Intention Disc combined with high vibrational frequencies of the Sodalite Window Pendant clear toxic waveforms that disrupt how our cells communicate with our bodies. Often stress and outside influences can be stored in our bodies. The Blueprint Frequencies of the Intention Disc and Sodalite Window Pendant help neutralize and balance our systems through detoxification.

For best results, use the Intention Disc in combination with the Sodalite Window Pendant.
• Intention Disc clears toxic waveforms in food, liquid, and personal care products we consume and use.
• Intention Disc and Sodalite Window Pendant provide balance to the body through ZeroPoint Energy, allowing the mind-body complex to achieve harmony.
• When used together, these technologies assist in minimizing the effects of stress and outside influences on our organs and internal systems.

Suggested Use:

Using the Intention Disc along with the Sodalite Window Pendant, you can bring emotional and physical balance back into your life. You will feel your mind-body complex working together to support a state of natural wellness.

How To Clear Stress and Trauma From Cellular MemoryWhile lying down or seated. hold the Sodalite Window Pendant in one hand and the Intention Disc in the other. Close your eyes and remove all negative thoughts from your mind. Bring positive goals, thoughts and memories to the forefront of your conscience. Focus on specific areas of discomfort that may require balance and wellness.

Relax and hold the Pendant and Disc until you feel a sense of release from your body. This can be in the form of a sigh, yawn, or overall peaceful sensation. This process may be repeated as many times a day as you wish to assist in bringing energetic balance and well being to your mind-body complex.

Blueprint Frequencies

ZeroPoint Global has identified specific frequencies found in healthy organs and systems. Using a ‘Quantum Field Programming Generator’, matching frequencies are infused into the ZeroPoint Global products. These are called Blueprint Frequencies. Use them freely to bring your body into balance and achieve a state of overall wellness.

When you use the Intention Disc and Sodalite Window Pendant, your body begins to ‘resonate with the frequencies’ that are programmed in these ZeroPoint products. This is similar to a tuning fork that will pick up the frequency (sound) of another tuning fork in its vicinity. When they are close to one another, they will both begin to resonate at the same frequency.

ZPG has infused the Clear SET Package with Blueprint Frequencies that support the following areas in the body:

Intention Disc:

4 Brain
4 Cartilage
2 Circulatory
14 Immune
3 Ingestion
2 Lymphatic
8 Organ
6 Respiratory
3 Skeletal
10 Symbolic

Sodalite Window Pendant:

9 Adrenals
1 Dental
3 Endocrine
4 Evacuation
5 Lymphatic
5 Connective Tissue
2 Lymphatic
8 Organ
1 Spinal
2 Plant
1 Respiratory
42 Muscle Parasympathetic

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Clear Set Package – Includes:

• 1 – Intention Disc
• 1 – Sodalite Window Pendant

Retail Price: $269.00

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Results may vary from person to person based on the imbalance. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat disease, support human life, or to prevent impairment of human health; for frequency, self-education and research purposes only. Please seek professional help with health issues.

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